5 may serm

Romllllans 6:1, john 3:1

New life in Christ

The difference between life in truth and life in the world is nonexistence in the eye.. They are all the same.

But deep inside there is. One is freed the other is in pain.

Think of it like telling between the clear acid and water. They are equal in appearance but so different in property

Secondly, think about it, its not fair for anyone to suffer for your stupidity. Assuredly, the life we live is not ours only, we will have to leave it behind for others. Its not fair for our children, mothers or anyone to suffer because of our greed

Take responsibility over your life.. Think deep before you act


Sunday (about potential)

You cant do everything, you can only do all things.. This was amazing clarification. All things are just those that you are capable while everything is well everything.

Question is,, what is your potential.. Well translating to, whats your thing(s)

Love my shit

I fell in love once,

Had a few breakages, but the hurt was med.

Then I met her, a reincarnate of once upon a time

Hers hit like an act of God, I promised her forever

Some say heart wants what it wants

Mine longed for space and time

And for the adventure from the past,

With new sides because victims tell better

So I fell in love with myself.

Night stories

She was that intruder.

Lips red of love and roses, she spoke promises,

My judgement so exaggerated, I couldn’t ask for better

So I kept calm and believed.

She understood the situation, I understated as the victim

Her bluff was heavenly, patient was her art.

Later she couldn’t let me touch her flower.

But she promise a fruitful aftermath.

I tried close the curtains, it was futile,

I kept calm and believed.

She saw green lights and her ride rose goosebumps,

Worshiping like a hissing serpent,

I was a wreck.

Her grip on the straps was firm.

I gave in and danced with a deceitful angel.

It lasted the lifetime of a dying wish

Later i felt misplaced,

I couldn’t believe.

Crazy godS

Your majesty,

I stand to your sultry

Beg thee, spare a soul and sundry

Let a man serve his and one master only

Flawed, mine is a feeble spirit

A gold fish, your kingdom is an ocean

And the wonders of the universe ain’t helping

Religions are a facade saints are made of gold

But what else in a world of greed

Creeds merely an identity, means no plea.

I was a little angel, created from white, once,

I believed, heard no evil, saw none

But then crazy majesty,

I met you and my innocent departed.

Now i look at my days,

Numbering regrets in retrospect,

Still indulging into the darkness,

I truly think of my beauty,

I yearn to see my innocence

I have a God, let me go and worship him once more


It was a night of blue, the stars glowed dull in caricatured patches

From the cleft, where my fortitude held, I reevaluated in retrospect.

Typical highs and lows of life, the better parts coloured dingy yellow.

Bereft of valour, i embraced the anthem of self defeat

The destitution disheartened, my heart sunk further,

I think i saw or heard the deuce,

In his emphasized black, deceit and sadism

He talked still in a clich├ęd demeanour,

Timidly i listened along, each minute caving inside

It went on and on till I felt it was too much to atone

I recollected tid bits of beauty my inspiration ungathered

Put on a facade, because i had to

Gathered myself into a fold and made a stand

But who is made of white? I mused

Come back

I tried,

Lord knows I tried.

I stooped my ego on the rest of my knees,

I am tall six feet on count, but for you i bowed.

The valiant, With my word that never conquered a village, I Promised you a world,

Lady, I even sworn to gather a galaxy on your palm, should you have requested,

It should have been your essence which had me smitten,

A boundless love was in my head, you should’ve seen the truth in my eyes

But then, it was whatever you whelmed,

I was no more than invisible, inaudible,

Cant create words for you, be my story teller

To live with my fate exceeds trailing a red herring

I have chosen to own what it is from my stars, have it for keeps

To hear from you again makes me wonder, do wonders ever cease?

Whatever, on my pounding heart, be sure am a man

And the gentle could go silent.


Miles and so many away,

But for you my pounding heard you close.
You made her mellow, in the smitten sense.

In the twist of time lost in distance,

The silence of umpteen words unsaid,

Suppressed emotions.

The ego of a conceited facade.

In the distance of dark to light,

To a grand self, for which you were a close soft spot.

I will live to cherish your presence in all these moments we couldn’t live;

All the mirth and bliss that could be.

I will smile to you that never became.

On all the cold days which would warm, i will smile and cherish.

A short story

Its hard to say he was living, was he??

Some time had passed. The clock was still ticking for him.

But like life does, his too happened once,

So once upon a time,

A young man aspired to live.

He did have Dreams. Wishes and Fantasies…

He had hope.

His life, as he saw it, would start at the right time,

Still, with time, he hoped to master the guts to live.

He went out there once, mission? To and claim his life.

But then he felt the edge of his limits drew close. Squeeze and crush his spirit.

He was down cast. This almost killed him

Some times even made him a living ghost.

He knew his battles, and his chances,

He was his own opponent. It scared him.

He was frustrated of himself.

He almost gave up on himself, thanks to the clock that still ticked

Then One day, he didn’t win against himself.

But he realised life happening around him.

He realised everything he wanted was right in front of his nose, but still unreachable.

It disturbed him how he couldn’t reach right in front of his nose

How he wanted to touch, own and live it all.

It was all tough luck. Futile efforts.

Just because he was apprehensive conquer himself and reclaim what was his rightfully

It was like that for a while.

A short while.

When his clock was done ticking

He was timed out.