in the mirror

A glance at the mirror. Nothing much
Healed wounds..scars empty of words
A brave mans’ face. Which has faced enough of life
Yet colored dark and dull by the emptiness of the soul inside
If i could repaint myself just little bits of touches
I spare the eyes of any dye so those looking at me can see the truth therein
And i get to look them back
with eyes of no prejudice. Without bias
In their true colors
I color the tongue white as the sacrificial lamb
a color of no blemish. One that reads clean.
To instill integrity unto the talks I utter
Make them trust me to mean what I my the firmness of my stance
So every word i spit to their face may find a place to fall at their minds
on the dull on my face I paint black and white
True colors be all they see of me. They see the fights inside..
The determination
And narrate of a fearless self.
And behold I would paint my life colorless
That color that tells nothing. Not of the dull nor dazzle
so I hide from their prejudice
They always judge wrong



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