I turn for a glance
One short and subtle
Note where she is at
And then rush back to present
He speaks a lot like a parrot
Talks of this and the other
Which i try thinking over
Linking his words in a loop
Testing sense in their logic
Amidst the loud speakers
But then he keeps talking
Talks and does more talking
Eloquent and composed
Unable to follow all through
I opt for a sinless glance
Once a while is no sin
A smile has now cracked
Radiating awesomeness
Purple balm looks great
How she adjusts her head
Brushing hairdo from the face
Her concentration on the guy
Mesmerized and carried away
I glance at the pulpit guy
Who is now sipping a drink
Another chance for a glance
Eye meet eye and i try a smile
She replies with a better one
And am swept away like dust
Next time i get back to myself
The congregation is laughing
The pulpit guy well satisfied
I laugh along for a moment
And take a break to the loos
Stretching to ease my nerves
What a long boring service
And a someone i should met



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