Hey you unknown
Could that be you sir Einstein?
he died. I must have figured it wrongly.
But he too tried to explore me
Yes he did, but just a patch in a universe
I am vast; no intimidation intended.
To get me right you need a degree
Some hell of twenty years or so in class
Then you can familiarise to my basics;
Basics not the real of me.. Not a pinch.
I am just a whole nature by myself..

Yeah i do feel you all around
So immense in your calculated dictates
You are the fine line between fit and unfit
But how about you tell more on yourself
I mean look at you biggie
Overgrown and over-bulged of unknowns
x y alpha omega gamma ohms..
You picking everything around like a magnet.
Trying swallowing it up trying relating it to each other
Now you got an exponential.
Too obese to exist; outrageous man
learn from my wisdom
I solve my problems on rough papers
The little wisdom..a tad of everything helps solve solve my problems
Look at yourself; overflown of age and yet-
you cant solve your own problems
when will you grow. When will you mature
Lets do that talk and stop the bluffing hey you hailed mathematics
You are just a baffled form of nature
You can’t even figure out yourself with all those formulas


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