The memories have weathered
The pain healed with passing time
Of when my heart you kidnapped.
Impounded it in crevices of your being
To have it back I had to pay myself away
Then I was the proffered ransom to you

Eros and egos I cast in a casket
And gave in to your magnetism lure
To the mirth unto which in union
We danced into the drumming of our hearts
Holding each other into the moves
Side by side waist by waist liltingly
The days were euphoric and heavenly
Blissful by each other thats everyday
Josing in blithe that never petered out

My nose recalls her perfume in its taste
Sure as my lips feels the tenderness of hers
My chest heaves at the memory
Of the weight of her bossom
when the two met amidst chuckles and cuddles.
While holding tight to each other
Till we melted into each others universe
I remember the ominous charm in her angelic eyes
How she would beam at me
Casting the full weight of her dare on me

It was like I was cast under her spell
The end of it all never felt coming
The days passed whatsoever
And the sun set on the far west
Burring it all in an unfathomable horizon
Left behind are shadows of the stars
Of dreams loosing edges in the distance
Maybe time to pick up what was left
Crumbles of a shattered heart
And a baffling bitter ballad to tell
Starting at the middle.
Lots of twists at its starting
Ending in a long continuation

©Mutegi Humphrey


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