a paraphrase from Nickronster.

When you like her.
she cant see you like you see her
Considers you a pal so dear. Her brother
Nothing more than that
U lend her time maybe so she may realize
How much she means. How much more than she thinks she does
Time is now much gone.
Only wasting away. All she know is that you are the best friend she ever had
Traces of hope vaporize when she confides how she is confused in love.
She has two lovers. You are the friend to choose fot her who is best for her
She’s been bat blind to your plight. Still is. Maybe will forever be.
She knows with you its alright and that is right with you.
You try going out with many others. Just to feel occupied
Unluckly none is of her match. None is of the cut that patches the hollow inside you.
They are just a past time of yours.
You are treating them as she does you
Sharing  a lot with them. In graphic detail
When there are tears you shoulder each other
You cuddle. Laugh. Wine and dine. Always together
All along in the highs and lows you with them
Yet at some point. You always shrug them off.
Whatever you have with them is limited not to surpass a limit
Saying that its like you got a sicknesses
And they cant be the medicine you need. They can’t heal you.
All for an unfading shadow who lurks in your world
Who got your life on hold at ransom.
Locked your heart and lost keys. Time itself can’t find. She captured your heart.
You have watched many with tears streaming down their checks..
Yet none touched you..
This is you now. Cold. Insensitive
Watching them all say they sorry. That they were not the one for you
Saying for you they would lay and give their life. Just for you.
Time has trodden their hopes. Now they thinking of an easy way out.
To go out there and gamble for their luck
Prays for you that happiness you will find in someway
Now the ones who waited for you are gone to sort the rubbles of their happiness
The one who you waited for you is gone. She is now gone.
It feels like everything has jammed. Halted.
The world feels empty. An hollowness extending from deep inside you
No one is around to understand you.
Only you to face the demons.
So now. What do you do????????

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