walk me by that path
I dont mind if it’s thin as a rope
so long as it’s that of truth
one with a promise of hope
therein i will cast my foot
keep me in good balance
that never may i fall off
for the gravity is great
see me maneuver through
that i may not get lost
in this falsehood of the maze
for a pound for a penny
i vow to stick in your plan
even in worn out heels
i will not loose my stride
all under the might of your grace
and a love that fades not
and up up as i rise to higher feats
don’t let the mist of pride blind me
for pride is the precourser of fall
refuge me from the rage of my foes
them coming fast right head on
or even concealed in disguises
so dogged to kill my moment
Whatever their motive may be
i beseech you make me stronger



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