We pen down life as a sweet song trusting that every beat of our heart shall drum along.
Plotting it in a smooth curve tracing the path to our dreams coming true.
With hope for our flag, waving up and high we take to the stage in the momentum to rock the moment of our life. Picking on our ego and psyching up en route to owning up a self crowned homage.
But then, more often than not, it feels like numbers loose way, get swallowed up there by the space and our well calculated moves hardly add up to any significantly satisfying value on the other side of the equal sign.
Ever thought of a video game. Lets pick on batman killing some bad guys. You are down there seated with the pad controlling the good boy as he punches life out of the villains.
I think life is a game programmed in a similar language but in strange tongues by some supernatural influence holding the pads. So much lost in the fun of the game.
And then our stars. A bin to pour the blame for whatever is our share of our predicaments. But how clueless we are .
On one end hangs all the good and on the other hangs the all the worst. Life oscillates in between and that’s the balance of life.
In my view God is the author of life and we are the components of his creation; life. We are but the playable characters. The protagonists in a game we like to think we own
Like a programmer he designed a programme. Firstly in such a manner that it would run under his creativity and most likely his creativity was inclined towards the program running strictly to his “script”. It did and so he was done writing the program.
In the game we got a chance to make choices but never to dictate fate. Consequences are a shadow to life decisions, they are there closely following.
We got chance to make plans. Got chance to hope and be content.
Yeah before taking chances, just know we got a chance.
Next you write down some rhymes and they don’t seem to add up to a rhythm, don’t pour all the blame to the poetaster you may intend to brand yourself.
There is a lot more in between night and day. So much more than the rise of the sun and the down fall of the doom.
Just write another piece and this time ask the supernatural to play the pads in your favor🙉🙉


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