Mr carefree madam
Your longtime gentleman
I just lost the “gentle” tag
Never mind. Not a mind on it
You never liked it anyway
Its a past already passed
When love was my religion
I offered you my heart’s best
The finest. Fresh and purest
Strong in weight and weights
One fetched from very bottom
Where only of its kind rests
I could go fetch you stars
If you was breach and i hair
I swear i would dye for you
But all you did was snub then
We all knew none is perfect
As we did that I was at best
But said i wasn’t of your cut
That i wasn’t the class of yours
And in no way we could match
Honestly you broke my heart
You that i loved with all of me
Maybe for he you gave all of you
Or for whatever it was with you
Time has been my good pill
All the heart ache is now gone
I got myself well gathered up
Gave up on my old religion
But still worship on sabbath
Time has moved on and I along
You speak of a second chance
I figured another way around it
I got my heart locked in a safe
And threw keys for fate to keep
Life is too short to sit around
That’s how am out here chilling
Having a fun time for myself.


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