I look at my neighbors greens
From where my bitterness is spawned
Every time am watching their way
They are seemingly moving right
And i seemingly hitting it wrong
Life’s journey is like a superhighway
We are all designed with a uniqueness
With different destinations
And speeding at differing paces
His route to meeting his fate
Aint gonna be the way I meet mine
Our talents aint gonna be alike
Only alike as the strength to each of us
So that when the going gets tough
Some are gifted with wings to fly
Others favored to get a lift to hop in
Others got the strength so they fall not
Never be spiteful to He that gifts us
Who has raised you a prodigy to some
Set you under authority to humble you
Don’t trigger his anger by lack of content
Don’t let greed set you against others success
But do focus your synergies to what is right
Plant richly in the right season of your time
And in the right season you will harvest rich
Be patient in the hour of weakness
And in the right time you shall be strong
Prepare your horses well for the battle
But remember it is he who gives victory
Fight the right battle with right strength
And in his favor you shall be victorious
Be strong to believe in yourself most
Humble enough to submit to authority
Embrace reality as your first step
And without complacency walk all way up
Don’t choose to compare yourself to others
But for everything you do; be on full throttle
Giving your best to the up most limit
And with time your grass will be the greenest


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