When today steps aside
Leaving you vulnerable
To the opinion of a another day
Seated on the bench is history
Tomorrow awakens and is up for a stay
Coming hand in hand with its reality

The past already branded passed
You can only look back to find it.
Drags with it your cool
Or worse the comfort of your zone
Erasing it from the picture of reality

Dreams ambitions and aspirations
All cut shot by a rude bite of a waking cold
When you can only look to see what’s in your cup
When chances are a chance
Quickly vanishing into zero possibility

Age has had enough of you to eat
Left is a shadow of the glory of your prime
You only long to be by yourself
You would give your life for more life

When the horizons are more visible
6 foot by 7 foot in dimension
Will you want to see yourself
In the same delighted look on the face
Will you want to die proudly for your life

Will history want to spare you a page
To barry your legacy so it dies not
So that in body and soul’s absence
Your past will stand to immortalize
Like the Iliad and odyssey did Hormer

Plant you tomorrow today
Let not yesterday dry the seeds
Instead fence around with optimism
And guard with a diehards will
Never letting go of faith and hope
And sure the Lord will let them yield
Because chance is never timeless
Without today tomorrow is just a word
Which without yesterday is hard to tell


© Mutegi Humphrey


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