Probably swilling a drink. Head rested 

on a sorry palm. Staring at the barmaid serve some more drink. Maybe some time spent on a second thought about one more.  Happy at the promise in the stocked shelves but eyes on my almost empty bottle requesting a refill ..
That is not the case. Speak of the same context in a different setting.
With my quill trying to scribble down life as i picture it on its poses. So just relax and have a shot of my tots.


1 Night precedes a day like a valley precedes a hill. Such is the sine curve of this lifetime.

2. Don’t wake from your dreams till its dawn. Though if the dream was so sweet break the sun and have a sweet bedtime.

3. Life is too bossy to fit in that small cage of your prejudices and stereotypes. Let life live its liveliness like a boss then you can live along like his associate.

4. While there is sun make your hay- if you are the farmer. Lie down and hope in miracles if you are the cow.

5. Ignorance is a good thing when you need to keep moving. But prudence is the best package when you need to be progressing.

6. One thing about a deal be the prime dealer. If the deal has nothing of your interest point the opportunity to the next door it should be knocking.

7. Don’t diss the fake niggas. Trust him with the uncertainty of change. At some point of time, he may be the only nigga.

8.The world isn’t a  haven for the saints, mother nature is just that conservative mother who will always kiss the good son.

9.This is obvious you cant always be the best though you cant see that. Give whatever you see in others a chance however demanding that may request

10. This is how to go extraordinarily creative. Go simple. Go yourself

11. Be nice because they are all nice except for the exceptions whom you have to accept without much expectations.

12. Care too much carry their cross set them free now you are the one they be spanking or they got their burdens do the job on you for then. But if it calls for a hero maybe there are badges

13. Maybe one day there wont be some Herculean task or some uphill battle. Then maybe will mean surely then maybe grammar will change.

14. Tomorrow is bright enough to serve everyone’s hopes for a big break. That’s before we get there and then the altruistic she has run out. So then we look up to a better tomorrow  which is probably a lifetime ahead of today.

15. Most boring part of dating is flattering a damsel who doesn’t deserve it. Life is one of those girls that love compliments no matter how bad looking. She points at your unfortunate fellow and tell you “Smile you better of with me. Am not that bad”

16. Imagine in the race of life you got first runners up. You are going out of line. Only losers reflect on how they lost. Winners own up the glory and say thanks

17. Once set in motion it just rolls. That was Newton on physics. My life is programmed differently it stops at some point then i have to set it again

18. A thing about winners is that they know that nobody is limited to being mediocre. They can trip, yes. But they don’t own up the dust.. They stand just up again to the full pride of their glory. They don’t let anything stop them..
Losers. Well loosers think that the headroom is the ceiling.

19. Most scripts normally change because he killed her/his love. Not like i care.
*thinks about lunchtime*

20. I had my first class in my second school. You see Sunday school taught parables but in the school of life i have had to pay the fees sit down and have a class. Wanna know where I will get a job. A sinecure six feet under  in a wooden coffin office with a lump sum of peace for the whole of my afterlife.

21. When life looks down on you just stand up the full height of your pride look into his eyes and poke his nose. That will be funny to both of you for a laugh.

22. My God i love you deep down in me. I stand in awe at least a part of me deep inside my arrogance does. Not so only in the absence of another but at the realisation that the other who isn’t there anyway has been doing nothing in my life. You are my God my only God. GLORY GLORY GLORY TO YOU

23. Serve the Lord with all your heart let the devil feed himself from the crumbs in the trash.

24. Look am not a loner its my company that is too little to share with anybody.

25. Truth is simply a set of explanations that clear all doubts..its fortunate that there a variety of such explanations am not saying lies

26. In your hour of honor i will hold my ground and be the most daunted. When you are fallen i will be there to clean the mess

27. The blindness of man his his greatest gift. What if you knew that the slice you just battered will fall to the floor. Maybe you would hate the whole bread that takes your hunger away all day.

28. Show gratitude even for whatever the odds may be.

29. Money is a very bad personal adviser. He prescribes to a class you cant afford the fees.

30. Welcome your guests but not to the high seat of the house..let them feel comfortable every where else but not on the seat where you control your house

31. Ttust your weaknesses not to anybody unless that somebody will help mend it up. Keep your dirty linen to yourself not to the public

32. A thing about winners is they know that nobody is limited to being mediocre. They can trip, yes. But they don’t own up the dust.. They stand just up again to the full pride of their glory. They don’t let anything stop them..
Losers. Well loosers think that the headroom is the ceiling.


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