Time is really speeding like at a speed of light.
Events unfolding faster than it takes to unwrap a mint
Its just the other night I was dreaming about a future,
now I am missing my bed already.
They look up on me they that looked down on me,
am now their prodigy.
No I haven’t yet achieved my goals, not yet,
but am dodging well trying transforming dreams to reality
I honor Almighty God in this moment of my ovation.
Its he who crafted me a way through the bad weather;
If am not talking him this would be a bluff am jotting.
Hustles have been tight at times it feel like it’s the end for me,
Am thankful for Him it ends feeling like new beginnings.
He that helped spread the wings and strengthened my soaring
High up to the limitless heights lord this feat is your doing
My life’s milestones the cornerstone of my faith in His capable loving.
Lord you gave a dawn to my days of doom
Helped me discover yourself in the light of your showered me with hope.
Gave a meaning to my life now I feel purpose sent
Living each day for your glory.
Skies no longer the limits in Christ’s strength i see no ceilings.
And even when I trip i can’t crash
he is there to hold me back to my feet.
I have walked through the shadows of death
And of Gods protection I came back a living proof.
Am Living a life of favor forever in debt of gratitudes to his throne.


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