Spills crocodile tears on your face
Same spirit when, furtively, they tear you
You get to open yourself like a book
So they read you need a shoulder to lean
Boulders they drop.
Obstacles to keep you begging

Yesterday I was on my fours
Then, I needed your dime the most
All you did was stumble on me.
Because litter is all you saw of me
Now this cocky smirk you’re trying
Aint so charming on you
I already know your intention
Now that I stink rich-
Just take my cologne and get a life

Am sorry if it itch.
Check you probably on the wrong edge
Nothing personal against anybody
Nor am I jotting this to brag
I know my the limits of my talents
So well in my fingertips
And adept of gratitude for my feat
Praying for more grace
To make a couple of more steps

Its sort of a special moment to me;
A milestone I can say that.
Looking back I can own up my endeavor
And squinting ahead the future still glows bright

I thank Lord for the fiesta he made me
Hey fake niggas take seats be my guests
I pour out my heart
Tossing to my inviolable blessing
One you always tried to limit
Because you couldnt stop its coming

Now that its a moment of ovation for me
These scoundrels parade like roses just to please
Feel appreciated for the honor you accord
But keep some distance
Because your prickles prick me


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