To you I always shined
Not of the glow in me
but of something you saw in me
and helped me to keep it lit.
You helped me to get up,
Helped me spread wings
And soar up above my ego
Charged me to stay up like eagle
When my spirit was down cast,
With life less of a blessing more of a curse
You held my hand
You pumped faith in me.
Lifted me to save me the drawn
Kept me back aflaot
and powered to walk on like Peter
You scared away the nightmares
All that kept me cornered in the dark
On your shoulders
You helped me see a couple of miles further..
Taught me to stand my ground
Now I can see clear past the horizons
Its a day with hope you made me
At my twilight you made my dawn.
Here I am not to mourn of my past
But to celebrate your deeds
An honour that shall forever reside in me.


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