A life well wasted

I used to be a man of my conscious
If anything I would hash out with myself
My life had a code of conduct
Not once, far as I recall,
That I went off the course
Nowadays a lot has changed
And I changed along
Lord you who see me
You know I have been unfaithful

You showed me love
Which I was too blind to understand
Talked wisdom in my hearing
But my mind couldn’t comprehended
I have walked the charming path
Steps too many to count
All along begging for your pardon
If chances are left, I guess
I exhausted them already
Like a good father
You showed love to your boy
Now its all shame on me
Least I deserve is a penance
For forsaking my worth
For the giult of murdering my spirit

My defiance to your commands
The dishonor the dignity of my life
I am all brocken to the point of a wreck
Then the momentum of the indulgence
The motion has denied me a break

In all these you have held on your throne
Because You are forever God
The Almighty. The one above odds

Its just an outcry from my heart
That maybe out of your benevolence
You may show mercy to a dying soul
May hold my sinking self
And save me the drawn
Into this unforgiving pool of death
Kill the pride in my being
Help me tame the desires inside me

Maybe like a father raise your boy
Teach me the rule of your house. Once more.
Instill in me the wisdom of your wise counsel
Make me prudent to win back my worth
Make me one of your sons again
Keep telling me to make you proud

Introduce me back to your house
Embrace me like the prodigal son
I don’t need a feast for a sign
But your mercy will be my content
Because you are my only chance
Where my heart hopes for solace


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