With hope..

You have had been on the right path
Heels trailed behind a hope which torched the way towards your destiny
Hope..on it you had built castles of dreams
Dreams that seemed stone throw away from dreams come true.. Were attainable. Were feasible
Every of your day was a brick carefully put in the biulding of a future so bright
That soon you would find a different day with rewards to your effort
That you will look at yourself, on that day, and be proud of you.
At once plates pulled apart by metaphysical tectonics
The road you on gapped from the one leading to your dreams
The future became more of a pipe dream. If could be traced at all.
Diversions sprout. Every choice became a step you could take and can’t take back. Only take another.
Confusion set in. Frustrations. Its like your train to paradise left you behind
All you had dissapeared into a thin film of oblivion
Left now are the cracks of your castle of dreams
More hope you had to garner to pull on. That maybe there could be second chances
Reality is a picture that, now, disgusts your sight.
Worse still are the insistent whispers pressuring from deep within.
More frustrations. Like it’s all part of a well planned devilish conspiracy
A voice of hope talks deep down inside. Faint in unequivocal tones.
Inexorably talking but to deaf ears in close to nagging tones ..almost like intended to hurt further. Not console
Like to remind of what you already lost. What you are losing in the other side of the alternatives.
No. There were no alternatives. Or is that the decisions came too rushed to notice choices??
You keep walking though.
There is no way you can turn back. You venture unfathomable depths into the darkness
Lead of a dead spirit. Only livened by bitterness
Guilt bites hard inside.
Soul fighting spirit.
Fresh on the reigns. The will never winning.
It all flows. You can recite it chronologically to yourself
How it all started. How you don’t know where it is headed to
Things just seem to happen. consequences of the past sins.
Haunting and daunting memories of how you lost it all
The suicidal instinct sets in just as you realise you were long dead. Now a walking dead you are.
What left to loom behind are bones and remains marked with defeat on the forehead
Life stops. The long day is almost over for you
You can only hope. Maybe the next lifetime will be cordial.
Things will be better there. You will have second and more other chances


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