The last paragraph

Life is a hustle
Hard as a bone to crack gotta have your jaw tighter,
You’ve squeezed success out of it easy like you was pressing a water drop from iron
Today had to take you in as the top dog.
An ovation you had. A medal too for that matter
All along, its been a story you’ve been putting down-
Just a few paragraphs then, probably, a happy ending
How they’ve watched you all way from the start
How you began it right from the scratch
Nobody could bet you’ld only voted that you wouldn’t
You was nothing a minor case like they looked
Only you was your biggest fan all along
You discovered a spark in you and that you’ve had your hope on
That made every today as a sequil to its yester.
Treked staid on the course put some of your efforts on it
Worked hard. Always had a farmers patient now this moment you deserve.
You are like a star shinning. Twinklings none can ignore
Out of the mess of a person you got them a message made
A prodigy their sons and daughters can look up to for a lesson.
Owning up the glory and an ego just to prove a point
Aiming not to making it anymore no need to add a proof.
Bounds brocken its all about the glam of
Overwhelmed of the glory everything should stoop.
Aura measuring full height of your pride. King of the jungle.
Death can take you to the grave but not your legacy
That will last to the age of forever
Time passes. Stooping, of course, to accord some respect
The glory fades slowly then a little bit faster.
Age gives it a blow leaving you just a sculpture on a pedestal.
You feel that you betrayed yourself and let greed has rise against you
Making you everybody’s filth to shrug of
Them that bowed to your glory now bend cleaning your mess
Looking back at it all. Nothing can console your soul
A discourse of shame is now what is left of your legacy
A sad ending is all that can be read of your legendary story


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