Heavy cold gray fog falls
Dark clouds agather above
Forming is a storm again
The impression is vivid
Its another time to brace
To amass hope inside me
From whatever the omens

Inside is a shattered spirit
A reflection of a broken mirror
Gathered together into a hip
Meticulously put into a frame
strong and sturdy as a boulder
Albeit still crumbled out of shape
A detail not in the perfect mirror
Missing when you look at me

Blurr lights blinks to illume
Light of salvation has dimmed
The stars to hope in fallen
Secluded in dark dungeons
I craw the much reach I can
The weight of worry heavy
Of fears and frustrations
Head bowed by tribulations
Inside this baffling labyrinth

Merries noise from outside
But how much can I descry?
A rebel outcast from the revelry
Hope once beamed bright rays
Lighting such tough asperity
That in due time I will belong
That I will raise a cup and toss
But now if that’s still coming
It’s obviously on twelfth of never


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