Might not be like you see it
When with envy
You look at them and hate
Cursing how good they are like
Something you can’t be
Even when you fake it

Smart wimps
Living like they got it all right
Clean cool swags
intimidating your pity pants
Talking in confident tones
Hushing your sidelined opinions

You wish to cruise on their lanes
Feeling the heat of a knight
For the ladies to bootlick
And the rest to worship for attention
For the glam and glory

Looking not the beauty of all you got
Its a lie to sight
To look and judge from just that
Unaware of the demons they have to battle
A pandemonium inexistent to you

Something about you
That make kills them with envy
That they have to stand taller
Just to look down on you
So they don’t feel shorter
Yet all along,
With a heart lacking of content
You picking on their perspective

Focus the spot light on you
Be you and what you can be always
They are the rest
Audience judges skeptics and all that
But you are your own master


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