in the stars

The sail in my boat
Adored with infinite grace
A true rose of my likes

If its a word from my heart
I would promise her all of me
If its a sign she needed
I would carry her world
In my feeble hands
If its lady ego she need pleased
I would prove myself a gently
Just for her smile to last.

She looked down one me
Like a downcast vagrant
Minded of my faded linen
Made of low class cloth
For my shallow pockets
Said I can afford her class

I tried tell her
Inside me is her Mr right
Whom many she will pass
But all along find not
Yet she me gave no chance
Never considered my appeal

She just snubbed
Walked away to neverland
To pursue her ideal man
Whom she adores in her dreams
And in a clear night sky with stars
In the lengths of her fantasies
Flings with in the cool breeze
In the vastness of the sky above


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