Inside us

Its an ugly blemish within
A dark silhouette enframed inside
With its evil spitting out like spartum
Making hell of a heavenly sorround.
Corrupting and fouling all around
Making dirty of a clean and cleansed
Giving a bad reputation to a good name
Turning dark of a pure spirit
Created in the breath of a righteous God
Made upright and moralised
With all the beauty of a humane soul
One with innate liking to apologize
Benevolent enough to forgive a fly
But with the passage of age
And the creepy lessons of life
Has been made treacherous
Vengeful envious and learnt to pride
Like another one has stood up and taken over
Destroying the calm unspoken aura it once portrayed
A true devil that came up and stayed
And deep inside it still resides
That is Inside our souls
Where we learn not to be loyal
How not to stoop that our ego bends not
Its all inside while on the outside disguised
Enframed in a pitch dark silhouette of our weakness as humans
Of our greed and pride


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