I never did

I never did
Till now with my eyes I see
Two that were friends turn fiends
Neighbors turn against each other like they strangers
I never did believe
That a careless tongue
Would cause so much a divide
Break bonds of trust
Slay a unity that felt so eternal
Causing so much arnachy
I never did believe
That careless expletives
Born of mediocre rationales
Could be the genesis to all this
Or what so much could inspire
That in the creed of hate
Cause innocent blood to spill
It was just a misinterpretation
Whatever the intention was
It no longer matters not even a tad
The damage is already done
Poor children already orphaned
And the women widowed
Yet like fire cures fire
Its the same tongue we still shall need
To talk loud this time to repent
In tones of remorse
Maybe to narrow the rift
At least
Same tongue we need
To talk love to this hate saoked status quo
To extinguish the rage
And harmonize back to one accord

©Mutegi Humphrey


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