city boy

Nowadays he doesn’t great
Not his fault
His hand is short from inside the Benz
Or most of the time he is lost in the wheel
Trying steering past the potholes
These village roads!!
He will curse a bump fearing it hurts a bumper
The other day he almost run over a chicken

Flashback a few years ago
When mama bonie was cursing
She had so much chores to be done
It was morning and she had an harambee to attend
Mzee wa mtaa had to part with some of his savings
Not like it pained him a nerve
It was he who championed hard work
Especially telling the youth to study hard in class
Kijana had listened to him back then
Had done well in his test
But needed an harambee to heave him
To help get admitted to University of Nairobi
The able and altruistic villagers had paid to his plead
They had extended a hand of help
That day they were able to raise enough
Enough to help kijana keep a lifestyle in the varsity

He worked hard just like the villagers expected
Isn’t it the other day he had invited them to his graduation
Never mind that he had to learn to forgive afterwards
Especially mama bonie who was the choir leader
Of ululations to our kijana from university
To him this was a big big fiasco
So backward. When will these people get civilised?

When will they learn that going to university is not being to white house
In fact it was not his plan to have these people come and cheer
It was his fathers insistent plea
His father wanted so much to feel the moment
To have the village spotlights torch at him
At the glory of a son of his seed

In fact a week after all this
He quickly returned to the city
Even before meeting muthoni
His old time sugar but now gone stale
That’s not his class now by the way
He was hooked up to this chic
She must be from a royal family or so
She let him drive her Benz
Because he really needed it in that moment
And she wanted to be there for him
Her rich dad promised her a seat at the board
Of a big firm he owns
Now she and her love will make a happy family
She will fulfill his dream of being a city dweller
And that will help him forget the village
Which he always has hated
Says the village and its people disgust him


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