The seven o clock alarm is ringing
It was supposed to noise an hour ago
But that’s no consolation
Slumber time doesn’t feel like over
So I squeeze the branket tighter
To keep away the morning chill
To invite back a sweet dream cut short

How I was just about to kiss her
Just one more fraction of a second
And I would have done the gently
Touched her cheeks and kissed her forhead
That to tell her am leaving to catch the dawn
But then the ungently noise is still clinging
Like it just caught us doing adultery
Right in its matrimonial bed
I pull the bracket harder
Clenching my teeth
Hating and cursing the set of the dawn
It feels like it came too soon.

Like it came an hour ago instead of 10
Yester I resolved to sleep at 9
So that I would slumber and be done by 8
I guess I didn’t say that to the alarm
Now it is ringing at 7
Maybe it did ring but with discretion at 6
Today I never noticed a muslim call at 5
Or my neighbour return from a night shift at 4
In my comfort zone I make a count to 3
Counting twice at 2
Hesitating and stammering at 1

All the same I make it out
To get some coffee ready


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