Memories and melodies

There is music that gyrates the waist.
Then there is music that consoles
That music that speaks to you
Talks of memories of old now faden
Creating an itch of nostalgia
When you can’t picture it whole
But for a beat in the background
One that everything seemed to lilt into

There is that music that steals you away
Way back to moments long passed

Like back to that sad occasion
When you needed some consolation
Your life was about to hit an ice berg
When you learnt she was never yours
Then you had to turn up the music
Letting the noise loud in the headphones
Locking away the reality from seeping in
When her incessant sorry words
Could not stop noising into inside

Or better taking you back then
In them times we was greener
When in weddings women danced
Trying dancing their fat girths
Conjuring the days of their youth
And now you can picture your mommy
In the bridesmaid dress and mirthful
Putting you aside to dance along
It was too merry you forgot to cry
As you frolicked on youe sister’s bosom

Music that takes back to the past
When dad was in from hustling
How he tuned his favorite FM station
And would meditate along some tune
Was it rhumba then news highlights at eight?
The melody plays in flashes of deja vu
Amplified by the volume in the stereo
To remind of when dad was home
The calm and stillness of the room
Only mom would break in once or twice
Before carrying the children to bed
The music would sing a bit longer
Till all was quiet and lightless all over

Moments not scribbled on stones
Or charcoal drawn on the walls
But in every beat in the music
Every nod invoking it all back
All you got to do is calm yourself
And welcome the nostalgia
Press forward if it doesn’t please
A replay if the beat is worth a dime


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