We are one

United we make a stance
Holding by each other
To make meaning of unity
A duo needing each other
Plus a smirky smile of bliss
For the glare of prying cameras

We lie under the same cover
In the thick cover of darkness
When outside is calm and quite
Sometimes we battle the calmness
Then our bed squeaks in rage
That in its rational incapability
It has to unite two irrationals

That rumpus of the other night
All angry noises from our room
The sorry explitives composed
Admonishing and berating
That was about the TV channel
We took on an informal vote,
Then some ruckus was necessary
To help tally the vote of opinions
And also pick the winning way foward
That was destroy subject of the conflict
For its being in the right place
But wrong placement in time

We are united though.
By the virtue of a common roof
Our differences like a rift are vast
But never have they been that hot
To incinerate our shelter to ashes
That emblem of our togetherness

Like the left leg and the right leg
Despite the invisible struggle
Of which to take the lead
Don’t they stride at long last??
Yes. And so is our progress case

So capture our smile clearly
Because its part of the picture
Of the details of our conflicts
That we can contain in our rent
The damages they do to our tent
That we shall settle as a debt
Because all we need more is us


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