Something about her

Its something about her
Maybe magic in her allure
The irresistible lure
She is like planet Saturn
With coloured rings
For a halo to her beauty

The volume of her elegance
Her grace on the walkways
Way she hold gazes on parole
She is like a catwalk model
Stunting on the fashion runways
Enchanting judge’s attention

Something about her physique
About her corporally shape.
She is just my ideal full figure
Just like the Mona lisa
She is her only piece of art

Something about her
That elevates my heart rate
All way to red right levels
Drums me to crescendo

something about her

That mellows my ungently self
She is like a fairly from tales
Deserving to be adored
To be handled with nobility
With the urbane of a knight

Something about her world

Way it feels like an atlas
That I should ask her out for a date
And put myself on her map
Because way she got me smitten
Its like I can’t live without her

©Mutegi Humphrey


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