Utterly worded her’s is a rhyming tone
Sparkling grace
like heaven’s welcome mats
She is a creator’s dream product
intricately designed and formed

The suavity of her curved features
Protruding not as boorish chunks
But in oneness with her shapeliness
Silhoutting an hourglass morphology
Housed in the elegance of her style

Hers is not a burden loose on her chest
Exactly enough amount of the shakes
well formed and shaped to perfection
That for the sleazy can set new horizons
Fully filled up to pop out lewd’s eyeball

How sweet the pelvis projects outward
Coming into union with men’s lust
Supported on dress-filling thighs
That extend down in a seductive malice
Defining every of beauty’s syllable

Hankering from a lustful distance
She is an aphrodisiac in natural form
Her magnetism begging its audience
Of the need be worshipped all over



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