Will you

What if
The dawn long awaited
Comes not at its hour
And the sun shines not

What if

The stars that we look up to
Pulmets into pitch darkness
Crushing hopes
Breaking hearts

What if

The dreams we envision in this dark
Are trapped in twists of uncertainty
And are unbecoming as the dawn
In the gloomy day of dooms day

The castle of hopes we shelter in
Is brocken into countless pieces
Then the darkness of a dungeons
Covers all consolation there is
Without a light at the tunnel end
Our hearts cry out but in vain
We try to hope but in nothing

Then all we have to do is wait
Cornered at our predicament
By the ghosts of our fears
And worse than we can fathom
Becomes our portion

Heavens will your mercy
Befall our way?
Will you, then,
Reconsider your stance
And grant us a deliverance hand
That sure as you are above us
Up there watching us..
minuscule and kithless we
Danced in the winds
Of mysteries unknown
Swum by the beating tides
In these oceans
Of sin’s and consequences
With cold water bitting with pain
Will you, heavens
Be benevolent
To let your beautiful rays
Penetrate our wilderness

Will you bless us with a dawn
That once again
The chirping of the birds may bless
May titillate and fill our world with glee
With melodious songs of delight
Of a beautiful and bright sunrise
Of an awakening to a bright day
Will you?

©Mutegi Humphrey


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