way it is

I have flown in this sandstorm
Without wings but faith
My eyes blindfolded by hope
But now my seeing is landed
Back to the blink of reality
Where my tough luck
Meets the lassitude of my will
Am I jinxed??

My feet have kissed the pavers
Footslogging in the sun’s swelter
For my object jotted on papers

I have tasted the salt of my sweat
Oozing from the folds of my skin
Folds of hopes against hope
As I hold on the ledge of the sage
Every cloud has a silver lining

Yet that I cant bow out
This being a catch 22 situation
Heavens am counting on you
You know of my disquiet
Its time you drop a miracle
So that when its tomorrow
As I will be recalling my today
Pleased and with content
You may cull the praise

©Mutegi Humphrey


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