Life is somewhat like..
Like a frantic scuffle
That’s time and again
To survive or keep afloat
To fight a way through
It calls for wit and tact
It calls for a stubborn will

Its like the Trojans wars
Those who walk to a home
That crowns them with glory
Are likes of Odysseus son of Laertes
wittest of Achaean commanders
Him whose glory and legendary
He rightfully earned in the battle

Brace with your armor
Against enemy’s arms
Holding very tight
The haft of your weapon
Prepped to die but with honour
For the oath you sworn to live for
For the reward you set eyes on
To carry home no matter what

Be like mighty Achilles
The “swift-footed” warrior
Son of Peleus-
A warrior in his own right,
Know the measure of your worth
And strongly stand to defend

Stand your battle ground
The full height of your pride
Let the tramp of your feet
Dismay and disperse your foes
Serve them generously
The rightful share of the ordeal


Fight like Menelaus
The king of Sparta,
Younger brother of Agamemnon
Stout hearted despite ability
Fighting to the last of his breath
To win his abducted love, Helen
From the hands of Paris
Son of priam and prince of troy

When its all gone blackout,
When seasons are cursed
Don’t take a dim view
Of the bright bulb of hope
When end outcome is defeat
When all is lost to ill luck
By comeuppance or retribution
learn your mistakes and mend

Don’t be weak as
Ajax the prince of Salamis
The son of Telamon
Second in might after Achilles
But Who took his own life
For loss of his reward to another
There is always more glory to own
Always another day to shine

Times come and go as tides do
Both the bad and the good ones.
Be grateful when its all smooth
Never pity yourself in your lows.
For good and bad luck are for all
Just do prepare for the worst
And do anticipate for the better.

© Mutegi Humphrey


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