Its like a wind reeling lightly
Light as a feather whirl along
Throw yourself into the fancy
Ignorance is bliss, they say
Feast your eyes on positivity
Disdain the heebie-jeebies
Dance in the boldness airily
Dance as a kite in gentle breeze
Footloose and fancy-free
Let the guilty pleasure fade

Let the optimism ease the fear
Like florets of a dandelion
Let free your spirit to wander
Wildly and off the beaten tracks
Like the wafting candle smoke
Let gloom adrift into nothingness

Don’t be the armchair critic.
In the spirit of the moment,
Let temerity overwhelm cares
For good and for the worst
Let whatever the storms strike
Thrash like waves on the shore
Long as the frenzy is worth
Let go the cold and take a plunge

© Mutegi Humphrey


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