Your lips look like an oasis
I am a hydrated camel in the desert
Your features a lovely scenic
Not like I need a tourguide
You can call me an exorcist
I can drive the hell out of you

you got me turned on as a mic
Getting my poesy inspired
I feel so rylical right now
Tell me with your weather
Fine as of an Elysium
Its about getting hot as hell

Commencing with a warm up
On a dance stage without audience
Making me some sweet tease
Doing it well like a profession
Till I can feel you with my eyes
picking on my imagination
Dancing it wild in a frenzy

Let me know how you feel
I got a doctorate in this
Touch yourself to my chest
So I feel your heart rate
A hard and fast pound
You got me infected

Curtains fallen
Must be show time
I ain’t sure if its kizomba
But we are two to tango
Throw yourself to my rythm
Let’s stick to the right moves
and reward ourselves the please

Am a fine terrain you can ride fast
Seatbelt tight no speed governors
More speed I don’t see any cops
Pass on the steering my turn now
Turn around I am frying you raw

I like the passion so far
Keep the whispering silent
You remind me how am into you
So lost all I got is a loose sight
Yet still on course to the crescendo
Our converging point of all the bliss
Still body to body on the dance floor


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