The first stride

Amidst bounts of impendance
the wary counsel of the skeptists
the scornful hate of the cynics
with the lassitude of our will
at one while we strive the stride

Amidst the fog we see not
when squinting further ahead
to clear doubts at least
or deny the filtering reality
when we have to trust
with certainty in the unseen
we make the stride to the odds

cringed to the pin of hope
that fate in its whelms and wills
will turn out benevolent
narrow as the odds may seem
that the wading will be smooth
as a sail in the calm of the sea

Or whatever the objections
It don’t matter coz what the fuck
Does the doom feel scary
Once you’ve braced the legion
Hyped to counter a pandemonium
More so now when the chase is worth
Damn the dueces
There is no turning back

let them all talk against
there opinions welcome
like strangers from heaven
their hate locked out as vagrants

what is
Unsure of energy inside us
When fear had the best of us
It comes out like a trial
More certain of failure
When impossible is more possible

take first step
daring(but its the path you wanna)


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