If only

She looked like my next mistake
I choose to look her optimistically
Hoping to get her like an attention
If its my heart she would ask to have
I give it to her like I don’t need a life


If only she knew life as a poem
With her and myself as the syllables
Rhyming in some verse of the piece
Our moments flowing like a rhythm
Maybe, we have could have rhymed

To her, I have been the invisible
A camera man behind flashing glares
Mending fantasies into a film
That one time I will be real to her
In the fine edges of my dreams
In a euphoric sleep of wish making

but she…
but she is already…
long gone…

To him she flaunts him like a medal
His clad, a gentleman’s definition
Whose sagged pockets gets me shy
Him she tagged a name noisily loud
Much than he answers to its mention
Whom she labeled her walking make
Good at handling surprise situations
Especially her financial emergences

maybe she did..

She had liked me in a different way
A way simply not simple to explain
That in me was her brother she loved
Now her brother overstepping his zone
Was a joke we should laugh about
In tones light as her complexion
She shrugs the matter like a bad idea
I tell her we dont bond by same blood
Of course I loose the argument

Every other time the issue is a discourse
She points me like she wanna finger
Then sulk saying I have changed
She could be cold as a duece, I learnt
Should she have wanted to be
And ever since she went all ice on me
I have had to lick the truth like a lollipop
I would say she was blind as love
But then that would be wrong as a sin
She was already seeing someone else

Like an erection, I should have seen it coming…

So now with my 20-20 vision on reality
That wasn’t a gym class to work out
She must be gone and well far gone
Now do I have to cry her a flood, nope
Have to move on, long journey, yup
Have to wish her luck, whatever
I got her wishes in the past tense

©Mutegi Humphrey


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