by tony robbins

chapter one


decisions are a gift for the taking by both the king and the peasant..

1. the role of decisions in life is far reaching …
any action is a cause set in motion and its effects biulds on past effects to move us in a definate direction leading to an ultimate destination

2.three things that inspire consistent change

  1. change your standards.. set a baseline of what is the acceptable standard so you wont slip into accepting anything lesser

  2. change your limiting believing.. let the headroom of your ceilings be higher so that you too can soar higher.
  3. change your strategies.. soon as you commit to a course the how will come in. just decide, take action, see what is working and what isn’t and then change approach till you get an approach that achieves

there is nothing that has to be done..
virtually nothing. if something just enslaves you and you feel just unhappily stuck, just leave it and do something else.. all these excuses about slaverly are just a belief system.. a headroom that we should grow past.

instead of focusing on the pain of the loosing end, its more paying to focus on fighting for that chance of cheer spelt in the word hope. this way there is a chance that you will end up the masterpiece to be cheered.

5. its not about where you start but the decisions about where you want to end.

6. pitiful to jump into the river of life and sail in its currents till when you five feet away from the sounds of raging water in a waterfall without your pedals. instead of having the subconscious drive of socieral pressere in decision making roar consciously into a direction, while way from the mayhem

7there are no failures in life.. only results of a course taken..masterly calls for time.. how much time it takes is relative to how much have you tried what did you learnt and how you used the knowledge to fine tune your tact. may not see far enough to watch out for the falls.. but at least watch out out for rocks and the rapids in your wade. Be consistent in your will to keep your decision standing not just for the worst but even for the bad inconviniences poor decisions will cost along the way.

9. all there is to decide on is:

  • what to focus on
  • what things mean to you
  • what to do next

then raise the standard, back them by new beliefs and then strategize.

chapter two

forces shaping life..

there is a push to act that we try to put on hold for a while just for the fear of loss rather than just plunging excited by the joys of gaining.. but its not like the push to act  guarantees a successful result anyway. its even ironical that we trust it will

1. its pretty accurate to state that what shapes our course of action is what we see as pain and what we see as pleasure to us and most importantly which between the two outweighs the other in any decision we are about to makemake.   consequently whenever you link your pain to or pleasure to determines your attitude thus decisions which inturns determine life

humane  habit 

1. we can direct our associations of pain and pressure to what we personally heartly deem as painful or pleasurable.. this is God’s greatest gift to anybody human.. this way we are able to harness the power to swim rather than get carried by the currents of life.

2. talking of pain its not the reality that puts us off rather its the pain we perceived..thus of greater importance is to attach pain to what will sure ditch us in pain .. this way we can master to heal pain rather than handle pain while nurturing its source.

3. its justified to make excuses to live longer in the pleasure of of the status quo but how fair is it to pleasure yourself with state of things just because you are not comfortable to take action. how fair is it to keep hurting yourself?

chapter four

belief systems

its not circumstances that dictate our reaction rather the meaning we attach to these circumstances. what does mean and so is a reaction we think as fit responseresponse

1.what establishes a belief is a simple idea inspired by what meaning we attach to the occurrences that we face daily. maybe rejection, maybe frustration any meaning whether born inside us or uttered towards us. attaching the right meaning will definitely build a positive belief one to help us grow rather than have to outgrow

sadly its not so often that we will come across somebody telling us the right things to build us.. more so given our self doubt we won’t take it all in .. but the price to pay is constantly put ourself in line with what we see positive despite the negativity with all the conviction that sure as there is heaven we are great. I am not a failure I am not a shadow.. the strengty in keeping positive as reference basis of our beliefs, this from inside us  is what will help 

2. how to change a belief

  • adjust where it pains and where to source pleasure
  • developing a doubt in the current believes and having references to back up the new belief
  • pain .. sure if you keep walking to devil’s den you will meet him and he will inspire you to change your direction
  • having role models as a references

to improve our lives we need to be constantly improving the quality of our lives, constantly growing and expanding..

3. to change a course in our lives the first step is to adopt beliefs that will derail us from the present course.. doubt the present disempowering beliefs change them to those that empower you to a greater course



with change its not a pyscho-programming process whereby you change and it lasts, rather its a conditioning process whereby you achieve change and create a system that conditions you to retain change without snapping back to the old.

1. beliefs that inspire change

  • believe that you can change now.. you don’t need a whole heaven and an eternity to achieve a transformation.. every change can occur as of now
  • believe that you are responsible for your own change..that if you are to change its not anyone’s responsibility other than you. its all upon you to change yourself and retain the change. others are just a helping hand.. believe that;
  1. something has to change…right now not that it should or will.. it has to change right now.
  2. that I must change it.. that I am the source, the trigger of the change
  3. I can change it.. you have to believe that its possible that you can do it
  4. chapter 6

the NAC masters

to effectively jump out of the cage of our unwanted habits we have to first see these as habits as pain and where what we want as pleasure

  1. decide what you really want and what is holding you back..
  2. get a leverage.. its until we are either excited of the new of have reached a pain threshold that change can happen. the best leverage that challenges for change is that which threatens to compromise our ego, pride and standards.. honestly an habit that makes small of your personality definitely demands to be changed
  3. interrupt the limiting something that by surprise makes the old habit disgusting
  4. alternatives..after getting out of an abit develop new alternative that will yield pleasure measurable to that which old habit had

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