isiah 54

out of the wildernness, God promises to sprout springs that shall set forth streams of living water.. that in the barrenness let us do rejoice for in our drawback he is about to create life that we shall spawn in abundance..

all he asks is enlarge the place of your tent. enlarge your tent so that it will be enough to receive of his coming providence.. capacitate yourself to accommodate without a burst..

about the enlarge.. you know God looks at us and he sees in us as a giant he created one that can fight and win.. not a failure or a looser but some well equipped person.. sometimes you have to displace, you have to make a person vow to conquer even the fortified.. to open up and know that we are not kithless helpless beings as it may feel inside ..

hold firm on the faith.. let not the shine of hope at the end of the tunnel glow dim but rather let it shine bright enough, let it shine so bright that you shall open up to receive so much from your struggles.. let your expectations be so large that on the day it shall come to pass you shall have so much abundance and even at overflow you shall have so much to last us a lifetime of mirth

The amount of your expectations.. like the “swing the bat as hard as you can” analogy. hope for so big work to accommodate the greatest measure and do it to deserve that greatest fill..

he promises to create life where it didn’t exist.. and sure he shall Ephesians 4:17 wherever the biggest conviction is at there is the fate of our endeavorendeavor





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