in the reigns of silence

Tenebrious billows overshadow
No stars fliker in the sable sky
Only a smothering moon shine
And the glitzing Cimmerian shades
A disquieting calmn reigns
A silence, in the world inside

for how long i cant tell
i am but a rambler
a pilgrim surmising his way
on a maze eyes blindfolden
hand led by a blind self
counselled by the musing of a lost self
my hope i still hold
for a way outta the boonies
a way unseen by sight
my dazzle overshadowed

my spirit encumbered
by the weight of
yet i still wander in the murk
bawling with looks of cheer

bouyant to the miasma

ust a while i wld succumpi
in the

what is the essence of a star blown out
am not perfect at sight
and nor is my … before your judgement
but i try thouh in vain

that you cant map it out
time gashing like a spring
an in the miniature of seconds
its a stream i watch with flowing tears
just a dhow carried of currents

and when i see
and inebriate in of a binge
yet th

what is my role in this play

i will but confine to cold of my plight
from where the abyss hot
cauterizing the malign 

at the end we will be extinct
gone into the next step
where we foresee nothing
nor hear even from grapevines


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