high Sunday

story of jesus and lazurus…broken hearts resent delays but God delays for a reason. He delays please to our aching lives to shape us..
guide your attitude that you may not be bitter to God or men rather learn.. martha was bitter of Jesus absence at the time of need.. travails reallt put us there where we are bitter and suicidal and feeling worthless brocken and alone..but take heed this is where the devil seeps inside to trully destroy us..
brocken hearts moves the heart of God.He understands.Jesus was troubled in spirit. He wept. He understands the intense of our aches heb 4:15..he empathises with our weakness. He always is our pair in the moments we feel alone.
isiah 53:25 he too was in this pains and is familiar to the sorrow..
when our brockeness is unveiled he heals.. when we admit that we a encumbered john 11 he asks where have you laid him.. where is that pain.. where is this brockeness so he may fix it. in 34 they said come and see lord..come and see where am fallen..
and Jesus was led to a tomp covered with a stone to lock a vile smell from a four day old dead.. Jesus not intimidated by the disgust of the pain he raised lazurus. He does help .. he as the light at the end of the tunnel always turn out helpful


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