esteeming others

The message was.. learn to be good, to the good and ugly.. haha slash that n put a better word. All the heavenly power has been gifted out and the glory of the kingdom has come.. its all out there in the blurrs for the tapping. its all about alligning yourself and put it all together the achieve this its about living favourably with others.. winning others favour.. sounds better doesnt it.

to be able to live with people means selflessness to esteem others, to value others than we do ourselves. to consider heaving others in preference and be happy in seeing their success.

we are functional yes. but the lige mankind is like an assemblance in in which an individual is just a cog in the machine.. we can play our script to aces but untill we help the other. till we uplift one another we ourself shall stagnate. help others rise and its a rise for both of us

sometimes its people not special to us but God considers all special..a priesthood.. and for that we got a common denominator to difine us.. they are part of the game we playing together

To the adulterous woman Jesus asked the holy one to throw stones.. unfortunately the holy ones had not turned up.. but Jesus looked the woman with esteem Because even to God himself even the undeserving are honourable. am straining not to write that even you not like you so deserving of respect from anyone.. you are as much a scumbag as them that you think are scumbag.. but look around, they all try to esteem you.. who are you to degress

to zacheous the short man.. the short man. a tax collector an undeserving man.. up there in the ego of the height of the tree trynna see Jesus.. tryna struggle to steel a glance at greatness, a feat you so much after. Jesus appreciated.

the possessed man with a lagoon of demons inside him. Jesus saw value past the demon infestation in the man.. to him was a man worth of esteem… to the children.. jesus saw esteem.. who are we to degress the ways of our lord and choose to snub just because we feel better??

be like the squeeky guy in the emporors groove. Cronk.. aha! you got it.. outside the groove men out there aint pests..

if you feel holy.. why not be like Jesus to the woman with the galilean woman who had five husbands and on look out for the sixth, esteem that somebody you feel despicable.. clothe him to the linen you feel you can lay a hug

people have their own problems n eacg day they just out there tryna make lemonade out of the lemon of life .. we collide yes.. but lets not forget respect..

the best way to esteem people is pointing out the value in them.. encouraging them, appreciating their acts of good will.. repay their effort to bear with our friction


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