She is a daylight promise entwined in the distance of twinkling stars of a horrible night.

Her cast defies the philter of mother nature in the best of her glam and grandeur,
Her essence is the rainbow colours of paradise in fork tale days of green Aden.

When she cracks, her sence of humour prickles my heart for laughter, tickles a nerve leaving me a grin and a monstrous rage trammeled,
Because when she does, heavens are ajar just under the writ of her smile.

she is the red of roses in the colour of love unrequited.
The sour wine to my unquenched crave.
The climax to a romantic scene in the setting of her deuce-cold heart,
where she tosses tears to brocken hearts and unbecoming promises.

She is a blessing wrapped in a curse sent from the heavens of love and war,
And am the saint smitten by the godly wrath.

© UhMusing™


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