let go… 

Ephesians 4:10-13 and Jesus descended to the lowest part of the earth’s and he who descended ascended to heights above the heavens.. yes he did

for us followers we are obligated… doesn’t sound nice this way

to rise to heights of mortal ffreedom past the ordinary fears that keep scaring us.. sins that bind us to stagnation and slowly eating us away.. all these little worries of our little lives, one has to descend to the lowest of self by self denial and discipline.. thought the hurt of sacrifice and pain of letting go.. literary having the reason we keep afloat in the foundation of our sins and weakness .. letting the whole scam crumble to a puddle of slime.. and it is at this empty bottom that God shall help us ascend beyond our doubts.. beyond our fears.. beyond our satisfaction.. to such a freedom where God is the unfailing provider, the secure guard against all a d the righteousness in our obligation to serve him..

I don’t how to create the picture but such a freedom that far beyond the heavenliness of the heaves.. but all this comes at the cost of letting die that which we endear at the illusion of keeping our life together.. let go this false happiness and face the ugly face of gloom let it torment till it can’t torment any more.. let whatever keeping you together go and let the cracks leave you in scattered bits but sure the afterlife to all this is a life of no worries.. where it is God who comes and fills you up to a settling calm of his presence in our life

the death I alude to is that Jesus talked about a seed dying in the cover of soil so that a plant shall sprout out green as Aden.. the death of the cross where our dirty self is swept our leaving us naked  for him to define what we have to put on for a show to the worldly.. it is the death of how dead we are so that we resurrect to chain less free life.. where we dine and wine in the table of his holiness not eating the scrambles and craps of his love for a creature.


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