inadequate is me
far from any perfect to be
I think you can picture me
Though you never see me
Past the cover of the sin in me
your sins are forgiven
its no surprise to me
that you fell short of grace
if i fitted in your shoes,
i would trek the same path
humans; you know
thought i could have you
As my some one to lean on
I really needed one to trust
Some one to get me right
you could read in me if i were a book
had counted on your support
But all you did was let me tumble
To the floor and watched me break
branded me despicable crap
i got you no hard feelings honestly
you still are in the inside of my circle
though am dead to you to me you live
i wont forget your snub i vow
To your honor i will bow
And still will be their for you
To clean up the mess when you are fallen
i quilled only a little this day


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